1) ling. a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning, is typically seen as the smallest such unit capable of independent use, is separated from other such units by spaces in writing, and is often distinguished phonologically, as by accent or pause
2) words
a) verbal expression, esp. speech or talk:
to express one's emotions in words[/ex]
b) mad the text or lyrics of a song as distinguished from the music
c) contentious or angry speech; a quarrel
3) a short talk or conversation:
May I have a word with you?[/ex]
4) an expression or utterance:
a word of warning[/ex]
5) warrant, assurance, or promise:
I give you my word I'll be there[/ex]
6) news; tidings; information:
We received word of an uprising[/ex]
7) a verbal signal, as a password, watchword, or countersign
8) an authoritative utterance or command:
His word was law[/ex]
9) cmp a string of bits or bytes of fixed length treated as a unit for storage and processing by a computer
10) rel (cap.) Also called the Word, the Word′ of God′
a) the Scriptures; the Bible
b) the Logos
c) the message of the gospel of Christ
11) a proverb or motto
12) (used to form a usu. humorous euphemism by combining with the initial letter of a taboo or supposedly taboo word):
a ban on television's use of the F-word. Taxes—politicians' dreaded T-word[/ex]
13) to select words to express; phrase:
to word a contract carefully[/ex]
14) sts Sometimes, word up. sl. (used to express satisfaction, approval, or agreement):
You got a job? Word![/ex]
Etymology: bef. 900; ME, OE, c. OFris, OS word, OHG wort, ON orth, Go waurd; akin to L verbum word, Lith vardas name

From formal English to slang. 2014.


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